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Homemade IcePops

all things yummyI know this post is a little late but I eat ice pops all year long & if you don’t well now you’ll be ready to make these next spring. They were so simple to make it was crazy.  My friend & I went to Stop & Shop to buy the ice pop holders & that was the hardest part haha.

IMG_7789Ingredients: 2 cups & tbsp water_ 5 tbsp granulated sugar_12 oz mango peeled,_12 oz fresh strawberries_10 oz kiwis_crystal light packet (if you don’t know oz just use your head & think about how much you think you can get out of each)

To make these simply boil the water & sugar to make a simple syrup. If you think you will want your ice pops to be sweeter add more sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved take take it off the heat & let sit. With the fruit you have decided you would like to use, we used raspberries, mango & kiwi peel & then puree them each separately in a blender or if you have a magic bullet. Then divide the simple syrup equally into each bowl of the puree fruits you have & mix. If you have time you should add one flavor into the mold & freeze for about 45 minutes to an hour. Add the next flavor freeze for 20 minutes & then the final flavor & freeze til completely frozen & ready to be eatten. If you don’t feel like waiting that long (trust me I know I get impatient a lot) then add the thickest puree first then the next thickest pureed flavor & then add the final flavor & freeze.  If they are all the same thickness they might run into each other & not look as pretty but they will taste as yummy.

We also made another type of ice pops where we used crystal light packets.  We used lemonade flavored ones and strawberry caffeine ones.  We made them as you normally would but with less water to make them stronger.  Then we simply put them into the mold threw & threw a few blueberries in. In a few we used some raspberry puree at the bottom & then put the strawberry packet water on top.IMG_7830 all things yummy



chipotle cake LW

My dads two favorite things Chipotle & Cake. So I made my dad a Chipotle Cake.

To make this cake you need: Cake Mix, Frosting (I made chocolate & cream cheese frosting, recipes not added yet), pie crust, fondant (make or buy), food coloring, shredded coconut & raisins.

For some cakes I use box mix & some Ill make myself.  I was already going to be spending time on decorating & was pretty busy with school work so I decided to go with box mix.  For the decorations you do not need to use the exact things as me.  You can make some components in many different ways.

To begin I baked a few cupcakes & 2 rectangular cakes in throw away pans.  I made two because I was 1. unsure if I would make a mistake & need a back up or 2. make it a layer cake.  (I ended up throwing the second cake away, but this was all from 1 box cake mix.)IMG_5393When they came out I let them cool then put the cake not cupcakes in the fridge/freezer to make it easier to shape. I made the chocolate frosting in the meantime.  After the were in the fridge for a while I shaped the cake using a  serrated knife.  I curved the edges & sides like a burrito looks. Below shows you what I did to begin & how it looked more to the end.  I did carve more after the picture but you get the idea. * It doesn’t have to be perfect I mean real burritos arent.IMG_5397 IMG_5400Afterwards I put a thin layer of frosting on the whole thing as a crumb coat.  I then put it back into the fridge. While the cake was back in the fridge I had rolled out some store bought fondant.  I colored the fondant by taking some chocolate frosting not using food coloring but it worked.  After the cake was in there for a while I took it out and frosted the cake smoothly.  Then I covered the cake with the rolled out fondant.  I added a little more colored to the fondant by smearing some more frosting onto it.  On the back end of the cake I wrapped it in real tin foil.IMG_5412I ripped the end of the fondant where the “inside ingredients” were going to come out so it looked like someone had bitten into it. To make the inside ingredients I used coconut as the cheese, green colored coconut as the lettuce (put some coconut in the ziplock with green food coloring & shake), raisins as the beans, & fondant for the corn, rice, & tomatoes. Below is a picture of the fondant rice I made.fondant rice

I made cream cheese frosting to look like the guacamole & sour cream. I frosted 2 cupcakes one colored one not. I used some of the frosting to help the ingredients stick to the edge of the cake under the fondant.

For the chips I used store bought pre-made pie crust.  I cut it into triangles & baked on 350. I stuck some in the cupcakes, put some on the side of the burrito & made some coming out of the bag I got at Chipotle. I did cut the bag so it was shorter.  (I did not get the chips bag that they actually use for the chips, I got the other bag.)IMG_5443He loved the cake & how real it looked.  I was happy I was able to make most of the cake edible.  The only things that were not were the napkins, tin foil, & the bag.  You can actually make edible looking tin foil but I opted out.chipotle cake LW