American Globs

all things yummyMy Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is an ice cream place in New York City.  I had seen pictures of there ice cream & couldn’t wait for the day I got to try it.  Now I am in LOVE with dessert.  I have a list (in my head) of all the places I MUST try & slowly I knock them off.  This was defintely on the list & I am happy I got a chance to have it because it was amazing.  It stinks when I am so excited to try something & it is a let down but this was defintely not that.  I always try to go back but it hasn’t happened yet but I know one day soon I will be visiting it again.

They have a menu of a handful of different prepame cones they have.  I choose the American Glob & it was a good choice. This ice cream cone consists of vanilla ice cream, pretzels, sea salt & a chocolate dip.  When I saw her sprinkling the sea salt I was getting nervous at first that I would not like it.  It turned out to be the perfect sweet & salty.  Normally I wouldn’t want a mix but if its going to be this perfect then I am all in.

The first picture shows what it looks like freshly dipped and yes you use a spoon to eat it. I then took another once the chocolate hardened. Just looking at these pictures again is making my mouth water.all things yummy


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