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American Globs

all things yummyMy Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is an ice cream place in New York City.  I had seen pictures of there ice cream & couldn’t wait for the day I got to try it.  Now I am in LOVE with dessert.  I have a list (in my head) of all the places I MUST try & slowly I knock them off.  This was defintely on the list & I am happy I got a chance to have it because it was amazing.  It stinks when I am so excited to try something & it is a let down but this was defintely not that.  I always try to go back but it hasn’t happened yet but I know one day soon I will be visiting it again.

They have a menu of a handful of different prepame cones they have.  I choose the American Glob & it was a good choice. This ice cream cone consists of vanilla ice cream, pretzels, sea salt & a chocolate dip.  When I saw her sprinkling the sea salt I was getting nervous at first that I would not like it.  It turned out to be the perfect sweet & salty.  Normally I wouldn’t want a mix but if its going to be this perfect then I am all in.

The first picture shows what it looks like freshly dipped and yes you use a spoon to eat it. I then took another once the chocolate hardened. Just looking at these pictures again is making my mouth water.all things yummy


Madison Square Eats

all things yummyMadison Square Eats is an event that happens for a few months and is a bunch of different food vendors all in one area. It is so GREAT. What isn’t so great is that it has to many different food options & its so hard deciding what I want to eat.   IMG_7298The first time I visited this summer I went with my dad.  We got lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster. Unfortunately it started to rain so we got them to go & ate them at his apartment.  They were still just as amazing though.  There are a few different choices of lobster rolls you can have.  I got the Tuscan Style Lobster roll which is tossed in a basil vinaigrette & my dad got the Maine style which is the “normal” one tossed in their homemade mayo.  They put so much lobster its great!

IMG_7455 IMG_7404The next time I went to Madison Square Eats I was meeting a friend for lunch.  She got 2 summer rolls form Two Tablespoon which was perfect for her because she’s very healthy & a vegetarian.  She got coconut water in a coconut to go with it from Pig & Khao.  I got the bento box from Takumi Taco which is 2 tacos & a sides.  I got the spicy tuna & spicy yellowtail taco with a charred corn salad.  We both loved our lunches.IMG_7417 IMG_7425 IMG_7439

The next time I went I was with some friends & we wanted a quick snack so it was perfect.  My friend & I shared the spicy peanut noodle bowl from Hong Kong Street Cart. We both really enjoyed it although she needed a water bottle handy because she’s not too much about spice.IMG_8947 IMG_9413 all things yummy

The last & final time I was with my dad.  I was starvvving & he had just had a bite to eat so he watched me eat, welll lets be real of course its to hard for him just to watch so I let him pick & have the side that came with my food.  I went back to Takumi Taco again but this time I tried 2 different tacos. I got the Miso Chicken Taco & the Short Rib Taco.  They were both amazing but wow did I LOVE the short rib taco.  My dad choose the beans & rice as the side.  Then for a little dessert I got the Momofuku Milk Bar milk & cornflake pudding pop. I had to try it because they don’t sell it in their stores its a speciality.IMG_9423

Eating my way through the Greek Islands

For spring break we decided to goto Greece.  We went with a company called Bus2alps which is all kids our age from programs like ours.  We didn’t fly at all so the trip was cheaper.  In a later post I will touch on all the fun adventures we got to experience but this post is alllll about FOOOOD.

Now I thought I loved Greek food which I do, but now it is kinda ruined for me in America. It was so amazing.  We were in Corfu, Athens and Santorini. While we were there we tried many different foods.  Some I have had before & some I had not.

Let me start with these coconut sticks we had in Athens.  Now I am a true lover of coconut so when I saw these I had to get them.  You could get chocolate or vanilla or both so I got both so I could test them both out.  Now my food buddy/best friend isn’t a coconut lover but I of course let her have one & she instantly fell in love with these.  We went back and got more with our other friends & to this day we talk about them.  (We actually googled them to order them to America, that good)

IMG_3350 544640_10151591460671800_1793352819_n 555989_10151591391726800_103212902_nAlso in Athens there was a lady roasting corn & chestnuts.  I hadn’t had corn in month & love roasted corn so of course I had to get some. My food buddy tried the roasted chestnuts because she had never had them before & she thought they were great.  The lady working the stand was the nicest women ever & we sat and talked with her for at least 15 minutes. IMG_3790 IMG_3793While walking around the first morning we had got there we saw a bagel like ring.  We had not had bagels in months & they told us this was some popular in Greece so we tried them.  They have different flavors just like bagels too.  The bakery we got them from smelled amazing & they had so many great looking pastries.  We got a couple to try which were amazing as well.SAM_1461 SAM_1462 IMG_3759Another thing we had in Athens was some fresh fruit.  They were set up in the square right by the corn & coconut stands. SAM_1472At the end of our trip we went back to Athens for a half day before we left.  We found this frozen yogurt place & we had to have it.  We had been living on gelato for a while & needed a mini change for the day.IMG_3776In Fira, Santorini right by our hotel was this teeny tiny restaurant that made waffles. I am 100 percent a sweet breakfast person so this was perfect.  I had a different “spiltzies” buddy for this meal. We split 2 waffles one chocolate type & a apples & honey one.  The chocolate one was better but they were both amazing, clearly but the looks our our plate. My friends got a fruit crepe with honey that she loved!IMG_3667 IMG_3679 IMG_3672 IMG_3682392667_10151342846971039_410246275_nWhile in Santorini we of course had to split a gyro sandwich late night (drunk)388732_10151591453246800_1873896920_nThe best meal we had while in Greece was in Santorini.  It was at Mamas House & mama is the nicest, cutest women & we loved her. We had fried tomato balls which were amazing. My friend got a salad for her appetizer. My friend & I split the most amazing octopus I have ever tasted in my life.  It was perfectly cooked & was just plain amazing. Now the other food might not look amazing but it really was.  I split a traditional Greek dish which is Mousaka & chicken with plums which was out of this world.  We kept talking about this dish for a while. Lastly for dessert we got Baklava. We were so full but still of course ordered 2 for the table to share.  Thankfully we did because we all said we were just going to have a bite but when we tasted it we devoured it.  I know I will never for the rest of my life have a Baklava that tasted as amazing as this one.  Mama’s House was the best meal I had in Greece in all 10 days!IMG_3633 IMG_3635 IMG_3631 IMG_3637 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3649305999_10151342846136039_1919819725_n482224_4853596421887_1125298901_nAnother trip favorite was this restaurant we found in Corfu.  It was a small little restaurant where the owners knew everyone (except us).         IMG_3259 IMG_3264 IMG_3268 IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3271 IMG_3274Below are some more food pictures from this amazing trip.IMG_3732 IMG_3731 IMG_3729 IMG_3506 IMG_3496 IMG_3446 IMG_3441 IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3363 IMG_3359 149495_10151591450496800_1605222141_n  This meal was from our hostel right before the booze cruise.  It was actually pretty good but I guess is wasnt enough to hold all my alcohol (at least I dont think, I only remember about 15 minutes of the rest of that day).547583_10151591441281800_1312008133_n We had an amazingly beautiful wine tasting in Santorini as well.547709_10151591397166800_884994936_n


SAM_1682Well when it came to my best friend & I traveling around abroad we were always on the look out for the next food to try.  So, when we got to Valencia & happened to see a sign for a food & wine festival while we were there we were alll about that!

It was the best decision of our lives to skip a museum type situation & goto this.  Not only was it eating & drinking our two favorite things, but this immersed us into the culture way more then anything else could of.  We didn’t see very many tourists there at all which was pretty cool. We wished we had gone the day before because we would of went the next day too it was so fun. Unfortunately it was raining a little this day but not for very long which was good!

If you bought a ticket you got a bowl & a wine glass. You got 6 dishes & wine (if I remember correctly) for about 6-10 euros I think.  It was great.  There were many different wine & food stands.  We loved the mussel stand a long with many other people.  I tried some sausage, sweets, nuts & many other things too.  Not gonna lie, we were having some much food we decided to buy another round to get more wine & food.  We were drunk by then but then we made some friends with these kids from a soccer team. They happened to know one of the wines stands & got us even more for free.  Can someone say wastedddd (we were atleast 12 glasses down).  We had so much fun with them we were actually gonna meet them out later but when we went back to our hotel to shower & get ready we passed out oops.

Below are some of the things we tried, the event & pictures with our new friends.SAM_1826 SAM_1835 SAM_1827 SAM_1829 SAM_1832SAM_1825942295_10151638714051800_701498352_nSAM_1821264442_10151638715291800_792877392_n295356_10151638713951800_1059802097_n941246_10151638715891800_144210340_n944203_10151638716026800_72621111_nSAM_1823It was a very fun day & we are happy we got the real Valencia experience.  Even when you really try to immerse yourself in a culture & get the real experience sometimes you try to hard & you just can’t really see it from the inside.  We were lucky that by a beautiful coincidence we got this experience.


IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2039Amsterdam is known for many things, one being their  Dutch pancakes. Now if you’ve seen my prior post I had an eating buddy with me everywhere I went when I was abroad.  We would do “splitzies” at many places because lets be real we can never decide on just one thing to eat.

The pancake bakery serves what we call crepes.  They served sweet & savory but heard the savory ones weren’t as good, plus I would choose sweet anyways I am sweets type of chick.

The place was very crowded & we sat upstairs.  Their were some cute named pancakes for the kids which I had to take a picture of of course.IMG_2041I got a hot chocolate & split a nutella banana crepe & 1 of the most amazing things I have ever put in my mouth, cinnamon apple pancake with cinnamon ice cream on top. The cinnamon ice cream was not a harsh cinnamon it was a light sweet perfect hint to top the pancakes. We both decided we messed up on this one and should of each just gotten the cinnamon apple on to ourselves but ya live & ya learn.  If I was ever fortunate enough to go back you best believe I will go here more then once & get that pancake each time.IMG_2044IMG_2050 IMG_2047IMG_2053IMG_2055IMG_2063


la-giostraWhile living in Florence for four months I ate at lots of different but there were a bunch I visited more then once.  La Giostra was one of them. We were instructed many times about the pear ravoli whichwere great, but we ended up having many different favorites there.

I lived less then a minute walk from this restaurant which was great.  What wasn’t so great about it was I didn’t burn any calories on the walk there or back & i really needed too since I was defintely eatting a lot of calories while there.

Upon arriving you see the owner with tons of bracelets going up his arm (probably almost half way) the myth behind it is one bracelet for every girl hes slept with but we found out this was untrue.  After sitting they give you complementary antipasti & some prosecco. Then the meal begins.

Below are some pictures of the things I have had there.

Spaghettone pomodoro e basilica

Ravioli with pear and pecorino filling

Rice milk ice cream with raspberries

Steak with balsamic vinegar reduction

AntipastiIMG_0030grilled vegetables IMG_0183          Burrata with honey and figsIMG_1341Spaghetti with tomato mozzarella & basilIMG_1351IMG_0177Ravioli with pear & pecorino filling (pear ravioli)IMG_0035rigatoni with tomato pine nuts pecorino and basiIMG_0038vegetable & cheese stuffed chicken got this many times it was amazingIMG_1348Balsamic steakIMG_0180cherry sauce & white fishIMG_1345rice ice cream with raspberry AMAZING i want it right now.IMG_1355 IMG_0188


IMG_1772Interlaken, Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful.  I will defintely have a post about it but for now this is about the time when I had a laps in judgement & decided to jump off of a mountain with only a cord attached to me.

Now when we booked our trip to Switzerland we planned on skydiving.  But, the weather had not been clear so the day before us was completely cancelled & they thought our whole day was going to be too.  We didn’t want to go there & do nothing so we booked canyon jumping.

Did I mention I’m scared of heights.  Heres the fair warning. Did I also mention that I did not plan on hiking to the top of the mountain either.

So we get off the mini bus that took us to the mountain.  Sometimes I can get a little car sick & we were sitting in sideways seats plus I was hungover because I was pretty wasted the night before but I thought I was fine. Until they told us that we had a long walk ahead.  *This was not a walk.  We had to use ropes to help walk up steep areas & overall this was not simple.SAM_1197We had to sign a consent form that was supposed to funny but I think the guy who was doing this whole thing was drunk so it made the experience just a little scarier. (I mean a lot!!) I was doing this with 3 of my friends & a bunch of randoms.  I decided to go 3 so I could see my friends do it but not be last.  We got harnassed up then walked (hiked) a little futher to where we would be jumping.  That’s when my fear kicked in.

Now they didn’t give us any directions except to look towards the camera women that was hanging from a tree. Its really scary to begin with, a little scarier that the guy hooking us up is 97% positive hes drunk, & really scary with no directions.

My first friend jumps & makes it seem like nothing.  She also loves this kind of stuff.  My second friend jumps after what seems like a prayer (she’s not religious by any means) & a few breaths, then its my turn.  *QUE HELL BREAKING LOSE! I could barely walk to the area where you jump & get hooked up but I do.  He hooks me up & it jerks me a little which freaks me out.  I start shaking like never before.  I’ve heard & maybe experienced people shaking from being scared but this was something new.  It still hard to explain because I didn’t know a body could do this.  My legs were shaking so bad I with no exaggeration almost fell over.  Im crying & freaking & of course the drunk guy tries to pour alcohol down my throat which is not helping.  After a good 10+ minutes of freaking out I get unhooked & let my friend go in front of me.  She jumps like its nothing too. WTF. I told myself I needed to do this & I didn’t wanna walk all the way down afterwards.  I tell everyone behind me I sware this will be quick.  I get hooked up count to 3 & just jump.  It was so quick my friends didnt even really notice & neither did the picture girl so I didnt get a picture.

I blacked out & dont even really remember.  All I know is I was hanging at the bottom & started to cry when I realized my hands were  turning another color from frost bite.  I got the edge climbed up the ladder where the guy gave me medic gloves because I actually was getting frost bite.  To my amusement the experience wasn’t over.  We had to basically do another obstacle course though caves & etc. to a lodge. Finally we got to the lodge has some hot chocolate & sat. Below is a picture of me in the lodge with the medic gloves not amused.

Below is the order of my friends & then me freaking out not letting go of the guy or the side & refusing the alcohol being given to me to calm my nerves.SAM_1203 SAM_1207 SAM_1215 SAM_1231 SAM_1233 SAM_1220 SAM_1222 SAM_1223 IMG_1805IMG_1814The picture smiling was clearly before the fear set in.IMG_1777