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Flower nail art

flower nail art

I love nail art! When my friend came over the other day after painting her nails I decided I wanted to spice them up a bit & throw a flower on them.  I loved how it came out that much I decided to try them on myself.  When I get an idea in my head I always want to do it right away. After getting ready & waiting for my friends to come over before we went out I felt the need to rush and do it.

For these nails I used Essie Main Squeeze, Color Club Vintage Couture, Color Club Mrs.Robinson, & Art Club Steele This Look.

First I painted my nails with Main Squeeze as if I would for a plain manicure. Then I took Vintage Couture and painted circles (not perfect circles) on my nails in random places.  Those circles are where you want the flower to be.  Then I took a very small paint brush and dipped it into a little Mrs. Robinson & drew the darker purple onto my nails.

For the one nail with the silver stripes I took the Steele This Look which is ment for nail art because it has a smaller brush & easily drew diagonal lines.

For my friends nails I made leaves.  First I painted some white & before it dried I painted some green over it so it would mix into different shades.  I used the small paint brush for the leaves as well.

flower nail art

A lot of nail art is a lot easier then it looks.  Just goto an art store and buy a tiny brush to make it possible.  If the brush you have is not stiff enough & you don’t care about ruining it in a sense, if paint dry’s on it, it will make it stiffer & easier to paint with.

you can find the first pictures & other fun nail art on my instagram @lindseyweissberg

Good Luck XXo