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Homemade Halloween costumes

IMG_2525Halloween coustumes can cost a lot of money AND you can show up in the same exact one as someone else. Who wants that.  But you can make your own for less & it be original.  So with halloween coming around the corner before you know it I decided to do a post on it.

Now lots of people put together costumes.  A lot of times people wear black & become a cat, punk rocker, police & so on but you can make your own costume & spice it up.  What I normally do is I goto the mall & walk in to Forver 21 & see what they have & what costumes I can make from it.  Not everyone can so easily think on their feet but hopefully after I show you some of my costumes & how easily you can make something out of nothing it will inspire you.IMG_1841

2 years ago my friend & I decided to do toddlers & tiaras.  Yes this was a semi popular costume but yes ours were the best! How to make it: I simply took 2 white hanes & dyed them pink with some Rit dye you can buy at most crafts stores. I happened those big feathers in my house so I glued them on & I glued some rhinestones I bought on as well as some flowers.  I bought the flowers from Michaels’ & cut them off the stem.  To make a sash I simply bought some thick ribbon & painted on Little Miss with some black paint I had.  I already owned the tutu & bike shorts to wear under.  I then bought a crown at Claire’s & tada all done & a original costume. Make up & hair really make a difference in coustumes too.    (*if you don’t have a certain piece of clothing you need ask your friends i’m sure they are willing to share which is a money saver)

This same year on a different night we were decided to dress up as women that goto the derby. To make this: I forgot the store name we bought the dress from, ( I was visiting her in Arizona where she goes to school) but it was a dress we found on sale & was very cheap.  Then all we needed was accessories which were not to expensive at all.  We got a “pearl” necklace, white gloves, & a hat. Simply, cheap, original, & a great costume.  We got soo many compliments on it, we were surprised.IMG_2365This last year I had the idea of going as an alien at first when I saw all the metallic silver clothing in Forever 21.  That idea then somehow turned into going as Zenon Girl of the 21st Century from the disney channel.  I never even looked up what she looked like but I just went with it from memory & it turned out pretty well I think.  To make this: I got a blue valor dress & a metallic silver skirt from Forever 21.  Then I found VERY old butterfly clips in my house that I put in my hair after curling it.  I also found some old earrings, an old bracelet that I thought went with the theme & a VERY old hot loop to wear as a necklace.  I put some makeup on with glitter & done.  IMG_3523 IMG_3530I was not actually the next costume below but this is to show how easily a costume can be made from nothing.  While I was at my friends house getting dress I had put my dress on & then wanted to play a little dress up. While playing dress I had decided I had come up with a new costume, a video gurrrrrl. To make this: I just added accessories to my dress. I put on a studded hat , some sunglasses, & a chunky necklace.  How easy is it?

So when halloween comes around & you want to have a great original costume & not spend a ton REMEMBER its easy, you just have to be a little creative & think a little. GOODLUCK & I hope you have a happy halloween!IMG_3513 IMG_3516