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Galaxy Nails

galaxy nails

The best things about doing galaxy nails is nothing has to be perfect.  Its how much you want of each color & where you want the colors.  To begin I painted a coat of black nail polish.   After that dried I painted some teal/green (Sinful Colors Rise and Shine) in random places as well as some maroon (Essie Show Stopper).  (These don’t have to be your color choices.  If you look online some people use colors such as purples & pinks in their galaxy nails.)  At the end I painted on some old Wet & Wild clear gold sparkle nail polish I found in my house.  You  need a polish that is clear & has sparkles in it so you can see the other colors under it.

Really easy & cool all at the same time.

Good Luck XXo


Flower nail art

flower nail art

I love nail art! When my friend came over the other day after painting her nails I decided I wanted to spice them up a bit & throw a flower on them.  I loved how it came out that much I decided to try them on myself.  When I get an idea in my head I always want to do it right away. After getting ready & waiting for my friends to come over before we went out I felt the need to rush and do it.

For these nails I used Essie Main Squeeze, Color Club Vintage Couture, Color Club Mrs.Robinson, & Art Club Steele This Look.

First I painted my nails with Main Squeeze as if I would for a plain manicure. Then I took Vintage Couture and painted circles (not perfect circles) on my nails in random places.  Those circles are where you want the flower to be.  Then I took a very small paint brush and dipped it into a little Mrs. Robinson & drew the darker purple onto my nails.

For the one nail with the silver stripes I took the Steele This Look which is ment for nail art because it has a smaller brush & easily drew diagonal lines.

For my friends nails I made leaves.  First I painted some white & before it dried I painted some green over it so it would mix into different shades.  I used the small paint brush for the leaves as well.

flower nail art

A lot of nail art is a lot easier then it looks.  Just goto an art store and buy a tiny brush to make it possible.  If the brush you have is not stiff enough & you don’t care about ruining it in a sense, if paint dry’s on it, it will make it stiffer & easier to paint with.

you can find the first pictures & other fun nail art on my instagram @lindseyweissberg

Good Luck XXo