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Smore’s Brownies

IMG_3851Ok so a lot of things I make are completely from scatch but that doesn’t mean I don’t cheat sometimes. Now I like brownies but there not my favorite thing, BUT these were pretty amazing not going to lie. The nice thing about these are that if you are going to bake for holiday party, you kids birthday or so on, even though they aren’t completely homemade 1. no one has to know & 2. atleast you added a little special twist to the normal brownie to make them even better and 3. way better then just buying something already made at the store or just bringing brownies that are clearly straight from the box mix. A little effort can go a long way.

What do you need?

DARK chocolate brownie mix (dark chocolate comes out wayyyy better then any other kind) Semisweet chocolate morsels Mini Marshmallows, graham crackers, butter & sugar

How do you make these?

First make the graham cracker crust.  It’s really simple. Crush up 1-1/2 cups (24 squares) of graham crackers. If you put it in a zip lock you  can easily crush them.  Melt 1/3 cup butter, then in a small bowl mix the graham crackers, melted butter and 1/4 cup sugar. After spraying the brownie pan press the graham cracker crust into the pan with not too much pressure.  You can decide however thick you would like your crust to be.  I then put the pan in the over that should be preheated to 325-350 (whatever the brownie box says) for 2-3.

Make the brownies how you would make any other brownies.  I personally like my brownies to be kinda gooey so I normally put the brownies in about 7-10 minutes less check on them with a toothpick & decide how much longer they really need. I take them out when there still gooey but the edges are more cooked.  Pour the brownie mix over the graham cracker & cook.

Once you take them out throw on the chocolate chip morsels all over the top.  They will probably start melting right away because of the heat.  Then I topped them with mini marshmallows & threw the pan back in the oven on broil until they were brown.  BE CAREFUL & WATCH them because they can burn very easily. You can use big marshmallows if you would like.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.IMG_3832



IMG_5892Asides from the birthday cupcakes I made for my sister that you can see on the prior posts I made her a sprinkle cake.  Now it was a lot simpler then I thought it would be but my mistake was I didn’t think I would have enough time to make it for her the day before so I made it 2 days in advance.  The cake is actually quick & easy to make once it is baked so you will most definitely have time right before presenting the cake.

To make this cake you need: funfetti, frosting, round rainbow sprinkles

After baking the cake let it cool.  If it is layered frost the layers together.  You can also frost a crumb coat if you would like.  I did. After the crumb coast I put the cake in the fridge for a little.  (Now I baked my cakes in disposal pans cause I couldnt find the size I wanted. This did not help the evenness of the cake so it did not come out as perfectly as I would of liked)

While the cake was in the fridge I emptied almost all the sprinkles into a pan.  Make sure it is kinda deep so the sprinkles dont bounce out everywhere.

I then frosted the SIDES of the cake as perfectly as I could. DO NOT frost the top of the cake yet.  Then pick up the cake by holding the top & bottom & roll the cake in the sprinkles. Then I put a bowl in the sprinkle pan & sat the cake on top of it.  I then used a spoon to put all the sprinkles of the top.  Then done, pretty easy isn’t it?

IMG_5877 IMG_5878 IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5888 IMG_5890I took a picture right before it was all sprinkled so you could see the process. But a few more spoonfuls of sprinkles & it was finished. The problem with my cake was after a few days the dye of the sprinkles leaked. But below is a picture on the day it was made.  I do have to admit though, that if all the dye leaked equally the cake would of looked pretty sick. IMG_5891IMG_6109 IMG_6121 IMG_6110 IMG_6111the cake was sooo good though we had to throw it away or we would of finished it

High Heel Cupcakes

IMG_5953Well it was my sisters 25th birthday so like every year I had to come up with some cool cake for her.  I did make her a cake too but this post is about her cupcakes. She LOOVES fashion & every girl who loves fashion loves shoes so I made her high heel cupcakes.

To make these I used: funfetti cake mix, graham crackers, white chocolate melts, colored sprinkle, decorating gel, colorful cupcake holders, homemade vanilla frosting, hazelnut piroulines,

First I baked some cupcakes & let them cool down.  As that was happening I cut the hazelnut piroulines on a diagonal & the  graham crackers as you can see below. I cut them on a diagonal (they dont need to be perfect) then i melted the white chocolate & dipped the graham crackers in them. I used a knife to spread the white chocolate out. * if the white chocolate in the bowl starts to harden just put it in the microwave again to melt it. Once that dried i took some of the frosting gel & lined the edges & then dipped the sides into sprinkles I put on a plate. After that was done I made some vanilla frosting which I dyed different colors, frosted the cupcakes & designed however.

IMG_5872 IMG_5875 IMG_5895IMG_5896 IMG_5899 IMG_5908Once that was all done I took a spoon & took some of the cupcake off. Making these next time I would do it a little differently.  I would place the graham cracker in first to see how they should be placed in & then spoon some cupcake away.IMG_5911

Once you take some of the cupcake away you place the graham cracker into the cupcake & at the same time dip the edge of the hazelnut pirouline into some white chocolate & stick it to the graham cracker to hold it up.  Hold it there for a second til it dries & DONE. To decorate the shoes more I made some fondant bows.  Now this was my first time making these so I learned my lessons & would be able to do them better next time.  My advice do a few cupcakes fully through & then go back to the rest & do those.  You can then learn from your mistakes & have most of the cupcakes turn out wonderful.  (So bake all the cupcakes & separate the few when it gets to the spooning out some cupcake step)

Below are a few close up & side views of the cupcakes.

IMG_5929 IMG_5944 IMG_5947