Vegetable Spring Rolls

all things yummy spring rollsSpring rolls are fun to make and surprisingly easy.  I mean I wouldn’t say I’m a pro spring ROLLER just yet but I have to give myself a little pat on the back for how they turned out.

What’s good about spring rolls is you can really put whatever you want in them its up to you.  Below are the ingredients that I decided to use but you can use your imagination and the things you love to create your spring rolls.

all things yummy spring rollsMY INGREDIENTS:

– Any spring roll wrappers you can find (My were from Shop Rite near the tacos & asian food section) – Saifun Noodles – Canned chopped water chestnuts – Pre made Bagged Broccoli Slaw – Scallion – Cucumbers – Butter Lettuce – Peanut Dressing

First I softened the noodles by following the package & placing them in boiling water for 15 minutes.  While the noodles were in the water I chopped the  scallion and cucumbers in to long,thin chopped up pieces.  I then got all the ingredients ready for rolling. The directions to make spring rolls are found on the back of the packaging.  They are simple, wet the spring roll wrappers for 15-20 seconds in warm water and once you feel it becoming gelatinous take it out and place it on a cloth.  Now you will place the ingredients in the spring roll. Below is a picture I found to help illustrate where to put the ingredients.  Put as much or as little as each ingredient as you would like and then roll it up.  I used a peanut dressing as my dipping sauce which I found at Stop & Shop, it was perfect because it was a little bit spicy. I hope you enjoy your spring roll and put your on take on it with ingredients you love.


all things yummy spring rolls


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