Eating my way through the Greek Islands

For spring break we decided to goto Greece.  We went with a company called Bus2alps which is all kids our age from programs like ours.  We didn’t fly at all so the trip was cheaper.  In a later post I will touch on all the fun adventures we got to experience but this post is alllll about FOOOOD.

Now I thought I loved Greek food which I do, but now it is kinda ruined for me in America. It was so amazing.  We were in Corfu, Athens and Santorini. While we were there we tried many different foods.  Some I have had before & some I had not.

Let me start with these coconut sticks we had in Athens.  Now I am a true lover of coconut so when I saw these I had to get them.  You could get chocolate or vanilla or both so I got both so I could test them both out.  Now my food buddy/best friend isn’t a coconut lover but I of course let her have one & she instantly fell in love with these.  We went back and got more with our other friends & to this day we talk about them.  (We actually googled them to order them to America, that good)

IMG_3350 544640_10151591460671800_1793352819_n 555989_10151591391726800_103212902_nAlso in Athens there was a lady roasting corn & chestnuts.  I hadn’t had corn in month & love roasted corn so of course I had to get some. My food buddy tried the roasted chestnuts because she had never had them before & she thought they were great.  The lady working the stand was the nicest women ever & we sat and talked with her for at least 15 minutes. IMG_3790 IMG_3793While walking around the first morning we had got there we saw a bagel like ring.  We had not had bagels in months & they told us this was some popular in Greece so we tried them.  They have different flavors just like bagels too.  The bakery we got them from smelled amazing & they had so many great looking pastries.  We got a couple to try which were amazing as well.SAM_1461 SAM_1462 IMG_3759Another thing we had in Athens was some fresh fruit.  They were set up in the square right by the corn & coconut stands. SAM_1472At the end of our trip we went back to Athens for a half day before we left.  We found this frozen yogurt place & we had to have it.  We had been living on gelato for a while & needed a mini change for the day.IMG_3776In Fira, Santorini right by our hotel was this teeny tiny restaurant that made waffles. I am 100 percent a sweet breakfast person so this was perfect.  I had a different “spiltzies” buddy for this meal. We split 2 waffles one chocolate type & a apples & honey one.  The chocolate one was better but they were both amazing, clearly but the looks our our plate. My friends got a fruit crepe with honey that she loved!IMG_3667 IMG_3679 IMG_3672 IMG_3682392667_10151342846971039_410246275_nWhile in Santorini we of course had to split a gyro sandwich late night (drunk)388732_10151591453246800_1873896920_nThe best meal we had while in Greece was in Santorini.  It was at Mamas House & mama is the nicest, cutest women & we loved her. We had fried tomato balls which were amazing. My friend got a salad for her appetizer. My friend & I split the most amazing octopus I have ever tasted in my life.  It was perfectly cooked & was just plain amazing. Now the other food might not look amazing but it really was.  I split a traditional Greek dish which is Mousaka & chicken with plums which was out of this world.  We kept talking about this dish for a while. Lastly for dessert we got Baklava. We were so full but still of course ordered 2 for the table to share.  Thankfully we did because we all said we were just going to have a bite but when we tasted it we devoured it.  I know I will never for the rest of my life have a Baklava that tasted as amazing as this one.  Mama’s House was the best meal I had in Greece in all 10 days!IMG_3633 IMG_3635 IMG_3631 IMG_3637 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3649305999_10151342846136039_1919819725_n482224_4853596421887_1125298901_nAnother trip favorite was this restaurant we found in Corfu.  It was a small little restaurant where the owners knew everyone (except us).         IMG_3259 IMG_3264 IMG_3268 IMG_3266 IMG_3267 IMG_3271 IMG_3274Below are some more food pictures from this amazing trip.IMG_3732 IMG_3731 IMG_3729 IMG_3506 IMG_3496 IMG_3446 IMG_3441 IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3363 IMG_3359 149495_10151591450496800_1605222141_n  This meal was from our hostel right before the booze cruise.  It was actually pretty good but I guess is wasnt enough to hold all my alcohol (at least I dont think, I only remember about 15 minutes of the rest of that day).547583_10151591441281800_1312008133_n We had an amazingly beautiful wine tasting in Santorini as well.547709_10151591397166800_884994936_n


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