IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2039Amsterdam is known for many things, one being their  Dutch pancakes. Now if you’ve seen my prior post I had an eating buddy with me everywhere I went when I was abroad.  We would do “splitzies” at many places because lets be real we can never decide on just one thing to eat.

The pancake bakery serves what we call crepes.  They served sweet & savory but heard the savory ones weren’t as good, plus I would choose sweet anyways I am sweets type of chick.

The place was very crowded & we sat upstairs.  Their were some cute named pancakes for the kids which I had to take a picture of of course.IMG_2041I got a hot chocolate & split a nutella banana crepe & 1 of the most amazing things I have ever put in my mouth, cinnamon apple pancake with cinnamon ice cream on top. The cinnamon ice cream was not a harsh cinnamon it was a light sweet perfect hint to top the pancakes. We both decided we messed up on this one and should of each just gotten the cinnamon apple on to ourselves but ya live & ya learn.  If I was ever fortunate enough to go back you best believe I will go here more then once & get that pancake each time.IMG_2044IMG_2050 IMG_2047IMG_2053IMG_2055IMG_2063


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