SAM_1682Well when it came to my best friend & I traveling around abroad we were always on the look out for the next food to try.  So, when we got to Valencia & happened to see a sign for a food & wine festival while we were there we were alll about that!

It was the best decision of our lives to skip a museum type situation & goto this.  Not only was it eating & drinking our two favorite things, but this immersed us into the culture way more then anything else could of.  We didn’t see very many tourists there at all which was pretty cool. We wished we had gone the day before because we would of went the next day too it was so fun. Unfortunately it was raining a little this day but not for very long which was good!

If you bought a ticket you got a bowl & a wine glass. You got 6 dishes & wine (if I remember correctly) for about 6-10 euros I think.  It was great.  There were many different wine & food stands.  We loved the mussel stand a long with many other people.  I tried some sausage, sweets, nuts & many other things too.  Not gonna lie, we were having some much food we decided to buy another round to get more wine & food.  We were drunk by then but then we made some friends with these kids from a soccer team. They happened to know one of the wines stands & got us even more for free.  Can someone say wastedddd (we were atleast 12 glasses down).  We had so much fun with them we were actually gonna meet them out later but when we went back to our hotel to shower & get ready we passed out oops.

Below are some of the things we tried, the event & pictures with our new friends.SAM_1826 SAM_1835 SAM_1827 SAM_1829 SAM_1832SAM_1825942295_10151638714051800_701498352_nSAM_1821264442_10151638715291800_792877392_n295356_10151638713951800_1059802097_n941246_10151638715891800_144210340_n944203_10151638716026800_72621111_nSAM_1823It was a very fun day & we are happy we got the real Valencia experience.  Even when you really try to immerse yourself in a culture & get the real experience sometimes you try to hard & you just can’t really see it from the inside.  We were lucky that by a beautiful coincidence we got this experience.


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