la-giostraWhile living in Florence for four months I ate at lots of different but there were a bunch I visited more then once.  La Giostra was one of them. We were instructed many times about the pear ravoli whichwere great, but we ended up having many different favorites there.

I lived less then a minute walk from this restaurant which was great.  What wasn’t so great about it was I didn’t burn any calories on the walk there or back & i really needed too since I was defintely eatting a lot of calories while there.

Upon arriving you see the owner with tons of bracelets going up his arm (probably almost half way) the myth behind it is one bracelet for every girl hes slept with but we found out this was untrue.  After sitting they give you complementary antipasti & some prosecco. Then the meal begins.

Below are some pictures of the things I have had there.

Spaghettone pomodoro e basilica

Ravioli with pear and pecorino filling

Rice milk ice cream with raspberries

Steak with balsamic vinegar reduction

AntipastiIMG_0030grilled vegetables IMG_0183          Burrata with honey and figsIMG_1341Spaghetti with tomato mozzarella & basilIMG_1351IMG_0177Ravioli with pear & pecorino filling (pear ravioli)IMG_0035rigatoni with tomato pine nuts pecorino and basiIMG_0038vegetable & cheese stuffed chicken got this many times it was amazingIMG_1348Balsamic steakIMG_0180cherry sauce & white fishIMG_1345rice ice cream with raspberry AMAZING i want it right now.IMG_1355 IMG_0188


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