High Heel Cupcakes

IMG_5953Well it was my sisters 25th birthday so like every year I had to come up with some cool cake for her.  I did make her a cake too but this post is about her cupcakes. She LOOVES fashion & every girl who loves fashion loves shoes so I made her high heel cupcakes.

To make these I used: funfetti cake mix, graham crackers, white chocolate melts, colored sprinkle, decorating gel, colorful cupcake holders, homemade vanilla frosting, hazelnut piroulines,

First I baked some cupcakes & let them cool down.  As that was happening I cut the hazelnut piroulines on a diagonal & the  graham crackers as you can see below. I cut them on a diagonal (they dont need to be perfect) then i melted the white chocolate & dipped the graham crackers in them. I used a knife to spread the white chocolate out. * if the white chocolate in the bowl starts to harden just put it in the microwave again to melt it. Once that dried i took some of the frosting gel & lined the edges & then dipped the sides into sprinkles I put on a plate. After that was done I made some vanilla frosting which I dyed different colors, frosted the cupcakes & designed however.

IMG_5872 IMG_5875 IMG_5895IMG_5896 IMG_5899 IMG_5908Once that was all done I took a spoon & took some of the cupcake off. Making these next time I would do it a little differently.  I would place the graham cracker in first to see how they should be placed in & then spoon some cupcake away.IMG_5911

Once you take some of the cupcake away you place the graham cracker into the cupcake & at the same time dip the edge of the hazelnut pirouline into some white chocolate & stick it to the graham cracker to hold it up.  Hold it there for a second til it dries & DONE. To decorate the shoes more I made some fondant bows.  Now this was my first time making these so I learned my lessons & would be able to do them better next time.  My advice do a few cupcakes fully through & then go back to the rest & do those.  You can then learn from your mistakes & have most of the cupcakes turn out wonderful.  (So bake all the cupcakes & separate the few when it gets to the spooning out some cupcake step)

Below are a few close up & side views of the cupcakes.

IMG_5929 IMG_5944 IMG_5947


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