IMG_0923The heaven of all pizza would be here.  GUSTA PIZZA IS HEAVEN! Now don’t get mad when I say this but pizza isn’t my favorite thing.  I can go months without pizza & not feel deprived one bit.  But it Italy I obviously had lots of pizza.  Now for me to say heaven is a gelato place is normal but for me to say some pizza is heaven, it must be heaven.

I went with my friend during the day & we split 2 pizzas. We both had different favorites.

We had heard about this place from friends so obviously we had to try it out.  On different days they have different specials. Wednesday is my favorite because thats the day where they have MY pizza.  What is MY pizza you ask? MY pizza is ricotta cheese spinach & mozzarella. My mouth is salivating just thinking of it.  The other pizza we got which dont get me wrong is beyond amazing is the margarita pizza it just isnt MY pizza.

With this amazing pizza we got some of their wine.  By the end of the meal we were the perfect drunk (not to drunk) & we needed to be rolled out.  But, at the same time we secretly, well not so secretly wanted to order another one.  All that was left was some crust & realistically the only reason there was even that left was that our stomachs were gonna explode.IMG_0926 IMG_0927 IMG_0932 IMG_0937*On another note, the tables are really cool. You can write on your receipt & slide it under the table.  Also, if it is really crowded randoms will sit at the table with you.  If its nice out you can walk a few feet & sit in this square type area.



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