IMG_3685IMG_3698Let me start off by saying, some of these donkeys were so big they seemed like horses.  Next let me say SOO SCARY. Third, they stunk. Lastly, wouldnt take the experience back for a minute.

So my friends & I were in Greece for spring break.  One thing we say when we studied abroad was we were gonna try to do things we probably would never do in our lives, yes donkey rides were one of them.  So we decided to take a ride down the hillside on the mountain (first mistake, we should of taken them up). It felt like we were gonna fall & im scared of heights sooo.

All the donkeys were attached & of course mine was first.  So they walk down the zig zag steps & mine had to be close to the edge so the back donkeys could turn.  I was petrified I was gonna fall off the edge.  I kept trying to tell the guy but he couldn’t understand me which was even scarier.  The donkey ride took a lot longer then expected so we were late to our pirate ship to explore the volcanos.

IMG_3689 IMG_3696Below are pictures of me on these massive donkeys.

58795_4808318441842_1998458203_n 529385_4808315921779_875101112_n


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