IMG_1772Interlaken, Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful.  I will defintely have a post about it but for now this is about the time when I had a laps in judgement & decided to jump off of a mountain with only a cord attached to me.

Now when we booked our trip to Switzerland we planned on skydiving.  But, the weather had not been clear so the day before us was completely cancelled & they thought our whole day was going to be too.  We didn’t want to go there & do nothing so we booked canyon jumping.

Did I mention I’m scared of heights.  Heres the fair warning. Did I also mention that I did not plan on hiking to the top of the mountain either.

So we get off the mini bus that took us to the mountain.  Sometimes I can get a little car sick & we were sitting in sideways seats plus I was hungover because I was pretty wasted the night before but I thought I was fine. Until they told us that we had a long walk ahead.  *This was not a walk.  We had to use ropes to help walk up steep areas & overall this was not simple.SAM_1197We had to sign a consent form that was supposed to funny but I think the guy who was doing this whole thing was drunk so it made the experience just a little scarier. (I mean a lot!!) I was doing this with 3 of my friends & a bunch of randoms.  I decided to go 3 so I could see my friends do it but not be last.  We got harnassed up then walked (hiked) a little futher to where we would be jumping.  That’s when my fear kicked in.

Now they didn’t give us any directions except to look towards the camera women that was hanging from a tree. Its really scary to begin with, a little scarier that the guy hooking us up is 97% positive hes drunk, & really scary with no directions.

My first friend jumps & makes it seem like nothing.  She also loves this kind of stuff.  My second friend jumps after what seems like a prayer (she’s not religious by any means) & a few breaths, then its my turn.  *QUE HELL BREAKING LOSE! I could barely walk to the area where you jump & get hooked up but I do.  He hooks me up & it jerks me a little which freaks me out.  I start shaking like never before.  I’ve heard & maybe experienced people shaking from being scared but this was something new.  It still hard to explain because I didn’t know a body could do this.  My legs were shaking so bad I with no exaggeration almost fell over.  Im crying & freaking & of course the drunk guy tries to pour alcohol down my throat which is not helping.  After a good 10+ minutes of freaking out I get unhooked & let my friend go in front of me.  She jumps like its nothing too. WTF. I told myself I needed to do this & I didn’t wanna walk all the way down afterwards.  I tell everyone behind me I sware this will be quick.  I get hooked up count to 3 & just jump.  It was so quick my friends didnt even really notice & neither did the picture girl so I didnt get a picture.

I blacked out & dont even really remember.  All I know is I was hanging at the bottom & started to cry when I realized my hands were  turning another color from frost bite.  I got the edge climbed up the ladder where the guy gave me medic gloves because I actually was getting frost bite.  To my amusement the experience wasn’t over.  We had to basically do another obstacle course though caves & etc. to a lodge. Finally we got to the lodge has some hot chocolate & sat. Below is a picture of me in the lodge with the medic gloves not amused.

Below is the order of my friends & then me freaking out not letting go of the guy or the side & refusing the alcohol being given to me to calm my nerves.SAM_1203 SAM_1207 SAM_1215 SAM_1231 SAM_1233 SAM_1220 SAM_1222 SAM_1223 IMG_1805IMG_1814The picture smiling was clearly before the fear set in.IMG_1777


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