IMG_4981 dream catcherI made this specific dream catcher a while ago but I still have it in my room & love it.  More recently I made three of my friends smaller versions of it but it is still the same idea.

I went to JoAnn’s Craft Store to buy most of the items needed to make it.

1.  You need a ring.  On the big one I happened to use a big wooden ring and on the smaller ones I used metal rings.

2.  I used an all natural hemp twine to cover the rings.

3. A doily.  You need to decide what size you are going to make the dream catcher.  At the store you can hold the doily up with the ring to see the sizing.  I like it to be the slightest bit smaller so it is tight.  To big is a no no.

4.  Beads, feathers, sequins, whatever your heart desires.

5.  I used sewing string to tie all the decorations to the bottom.  I used a thin tan color because unless your up close and purposely looking for it, you dont see the string.

6.  A close pin.  Not needed but is very helpful for the first step

7. A sewing needle.  Not needed but for some of the decorations I made it was.dream catcher decor

To begin it is really simple but the explanation can sound tricky so I have pictures to help.

STEP 1. You take the circle and in my case the all natural hemp twine.  (In the pictures you can see this step being done with the white cord and yellow rubber band)  You can start with a knot but instead I took some twine & used the safety pin to hold it. (There should be extra almost like a little tail) Wrap the twine around and around to cover the whole circle (for the first few wraps dont make it too tight you can use it at the end) example

STEP 2. When your almost at the end take the safety pin off.  Hold the twine straight against the circle so you can wrap the end twine over the beginning. Pretend the yellow and red rubber bands are the same piece of tread. (the color is to make it easier for you to understand)

exampleSTEP 3. You can try to stick the thread in the wraps to make the knot easily.  If it is to hard or tight just simply make a knot. If you look closely you can see how the red knots into the yellow.example

The hardest part is over WOO and that wasnt to hard was it?

Now were are going to deal with the doily.  Tie string (I used the skinny sewing thread) and tie knots to all the peaks of the triangles.  If your doily doesnt have peaks just decide a bunch of places to tie the thread that will hold the doily into place on the ring. Once you have the pieces of thread tied to the doily place it over the ring & tie the other end to the ring.  (Common sense right?)  Make sure the doily is tightly tied on and pulled tight so the doily isnt sagging and loose looking.


Now its time for decoration.  This is up to your preference.

I took silver and pearl looking beads and put them on sewing string. Knotted sequins to strings.  Feathers.  Some ribbons.  Fuzzy white balls (I used the sewing needle to push the string through the separate balls to make them useable) Use whatever appeals to you.

You can make your dream catcher with a lot more. For example by a color doily or dye it yourself.  If you dye it yourself you can do a dip dye or rainbow.  You can use colorful strings and colorful beads and feathers.  Its all up to you

Below is the picture of the smaller one I made for my friend.

dream catcher


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